SEO Subscription – what does it depend on?

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As the name suggests, this model of settlement is based on fixed, monthly payments. The price of SEO subscription depends on many aspects such as:
  • the condition of web optimization,
  • website size/ the number of subpages,
  • website size/ the number of subpages,
  • website purpose (shopping site/ business website/ lead-gen page),
  • the type of the “engine” or Content Management System (CMS) the website is based on,
  • the condition and quality of link profile,
  • arrangements with the end-client about changes made to the website,
  • complexity of the client’s needs and goals set for subcontractor,
  • the complexity and competitiveness of keywords important for the client.
Additionally, following the term “SEO Subscription” we can find another term “SEO Effect”. This effect is nothing more than an “effectiveness bonus” which subcontractor adds if the client’s goals are achieved. The approach and the presence of this effect in settlement model is extremely flexible in our opinion.

How to estimate the amount of SEO subscription?

To understand better how this subscription works, please look at the example below. We get a question from a client about website XYZ.PL
  • Website has about 10 subpages,
  • the condition of web optimization is rather poor and it has never been optimized before,
  • The website has a business purpose – its goal is to make a company present on the Internet and to generate contacts via contact form or telephone numbers,
  • the website runs on a very popular and simple CMS-Wordpress
  • there’s not a lot of links to the client’s website but their competition has many of them
  • the client understands that competing for the most popular keywords will be time-consuming, but they know which of those keywords could identify their website

Evaluation of SEO subscription 

  1. Optimization of titles and web descriptions- to create titles and descriptions for specific subpages in accordance with artistic directions requires remarkable imagination, knowledge of good SEO practices and experience. For an “experienced” specialist to write the title and description for a single subpage takes from 30 to 60 minutes (the cost of research on competition is included). Also in this time, the creation of other titles and descriptions outline is included, so depending on the page’s structure it lessens the time needed for constructing similar content for others subpages. In the end it takes us between 5 and 10 hours for 10 subpages.
  2. Each one of the subpages should be verified by paying special attention to heading hierarchy. Additionally, for every subpage there should be a written guideline about the content on said subpage (we like to use this tool for this The analysis of each of the subpages according to elements stated above takes about 1-1,5 hours. For 10 subpages it takes us 10-15 hours.
  3. Applying changes to analysis is an action that can be done by an experienced SEO specialist or, depending on the client’s needs, by web-developers. We estimate that applying changes for one subpage (if we apply those changes in friendly CMS system- WordPress) takes about 1-2 hours. For 10 subpages it gives us from 10 to 20 hours of work.
  4. Optimizing page load speed- we can do it using Google Speed Insights. Nowadays, page loading speed, especially while using mobile devices, has a very high impact on ranking the page in google search. There can be many reasons for slow loading speed, from graphic designs being too “heavy” (which has been made in wrong formats) to overly complicated page coding. Estimating time for this action is extremely difficult. From many projects we made we know that an average time of this optimization for website containing from 10 to 20 subpages is about 10-15 hours (with rare exceptions, using WordPress is usually the fastest).
  5. The quality and size of the link profile of the page and comparing them to the most competitive domains is very important. Link-building specialists should estimate the time needed for acquiring referring links of adequate quality. Unfortunately, estimating that time without familiarising oneself with the competition and without earlier analysis is very problematic. An average, the number of hours spent on this subject in our projects (considering we have our own, huge contact database with many businesses) ranges from 10 to 20 hours per month. Additionally, it is necessary to estimate monthly cost of “media” which contains payments for copywriting and content posted on other web portals. Even though specialists think of it as so called “Grey Hat SEO” practice, we worked out a very healthy way of getting our client’s domains a maximum value without unnecessary actions.
  6. On-going communication is in our opinion an underappreciated yet very valuable element of SEO work. Proper communication in business relations between the agency and the client is an absolute necessity to come to understand plans and values of each business. It is thanks to this communication that we are able to specify set goals and check their progress during SEO work. An average time per month spent on communication (e-mails, phone calls, meetings, reports) during a 6 months project is about 5 hours.

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Of course there are many aspects that impact the price of SEO subscription but it would be difficult to mention them all in one article. I think it is a really good topic for another entry. However, getting back on track, all of the aforementioned factors influencing the evaluation of SEO subscription show us that the costs of lower estimate for an average project is 4500 pln (after-tax). Upper limit is about 7650 pln (after-tax). The amounts above are of course the price for the work of the SEO specialists. The costs of media (mentioned above) should also be added to the budget. Dividing this amount by 6 months, we can estimate that monthly SEO subscription will present like this:
  • Lower estimate – 750 pln after-tax /month (+media budget)
  • Upper limit – 1275 pln after-tax / month (+media budget)


We often get asked “Why is it so expensive?” or we hear “Competition wants to do it cheaper”. Well… If one is satisfied with a basic quality work –  every solution or path will be satisfying. However if one wants to focus on getting better results and satisfying paybacks, they have to be ready to pay more for the costs explained above. It is important to approach the price evaluation in a way that fulfils both the mutually set goals and meets the clients’ expectations. Otherwise, the SEO subscription may not be used to its full potential.
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