Skyrocketing Results: Synergy of SEO, Web-Dev & UX/UI

Skyrocketing Within a year of project collaboration with a client from the EdTech industry, our SEO team successfully rolled out 15 regional blogs optimized for SEO and UX/UI, achieving a staggering increase in clicks by 9745%.

The SEO initiatives, carried out in close collaboration with web development – Code Union and UX/UI Flow Digital teams, affirmed that the magic truly lies in synergy, driving growth beyond any scale.

How We Amplified Clicks by +9745%

We analyzed year-over-year data from the past three months in 2023 (May, June, July) and compared it to the same period in 2022 when the old blog design was still active. Among all the regions that experienced success, Poland, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia stood out.


Clicks: +300% – 10.2k (2022) vs. 40.3k (2023)

Impressions: +370% – 566k (2022) vs. 2.65M (2023)

View from GSC - comparison of the number of clicks and impressions for the Polish domain in the same period in 2022 and 2023.
View from Ahrefs - increase in the number of backlinks year on year, including 124 new domains, for the Polish domain.
View from Ahrefs - year-on-year increase in the number of organic keywords for the Polish domain.
View from Ahrefs - year-on-year increase in the number of organic keywords for the Polish domain.


Clicks: +1850% – 3.22k (2022) vs. 62.8k (2023)

Impressions: +1533% – 120k (2022) vs. 1.96M (2023)

View from GSC - comparison of the number of clicks and impressions for the Turkish domain in the same period in 2022 and 2023.
View from Ahrefs - increase in the number of backlinks year on year, including 49 new domains, for the Turkish domain.
View from Ahrefs - year-on-year increase in the number of organic keywords for the Turkish domain.

Saudi Arabia

Clicks: +9745% – 323 (2022) vs. 31.8k (2023)

Impressions: +6393% – 15.4k (2022) vs. 1M (2023)

View from GSC - comparison of the number of clicks and impressions for the Arabic domain in the same period in 2022 and 2023.
View from Ahrefs - increase in the number of backlinks year on year, including 124 new domains, for the Arabic domain.
View from Ahrefs - year-on-year increase in the number of organic keywords for the Arabic domain.

SEO Results Across 15 Regions

We achieved stellar results across all 15 regions where we implemented the changes. A detailed breakdown is available in the provided table.

Year-to-year comparison of the number of clicks and impressions on all domains where changes were implemented.

Disparities in performance can be attributed to the unique characteristics of each region. Factors include market variations in competition and cultural preferences toward English learning among children in specific countries.

For instance, in Poland, there’s a high interest in English learning and a saturated market, hence more minor growth differences. Contrastingly, in Saudi Arabia, where English learning is less popular, and the market remains largely untapped, our changes led to an exponential surge in metrics – something that’s challenging to achieve in the Polish market.

Initially, blogs in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia had fewer content pieces and generated less traffic, explaining the pronounced results after the changes.

Impact of SEO Efforts on Client Business Metrics

Below, we present the percentage changes in client revenues for the entire business in all regions. One of the reasons for the increases were SEO, web-dev and UX/UI changes implemented by our specialists.

Client's business results - changes in revenues in the period from January to September after introducing changes to domains.

Project’s success and the challenges we overcame

The client aimed to reduce reliance on growing budgets by increasing sales based on SEO actions and boosting earnings from organic traffic.

The redesigned blogs were intended to enhance conversions from the top of the sales funnel, improve technical SEO scores, synchronize with the new main page design, and provide a user-friendly experience.

Our strategy 





Prior SEO strategies mainly targeted the bottom of the sales funnel, limiting further SEO enhancements.

Focus on top-funnel traffic generation, ensuring the new traffic was meaningful by optimizing the site per UX guidelines.


The need to establish client’s image as an e-learning expert by adding value-driven features on blogs.

Undertake UX/UI actions and implement interactive elements on blogs to elevate user engagement.


The outdated and unappealing look of blogs was inconsistent with the new main page design. Publishing articles and implementing SEO guidelines on the old design was tedious.

Introduce a new blog module design that enhances user intuition and expedites the article publishing process.


Our actions & their impact

  1. Implementing a new SEO-optimized graphic design for blogs across 15 regions has further fueled the growth of organic traffic. Thanks to our combined efforts in SEO, web development, and UX/UI, we’ve witnessed significant surges in both clicks and impressions. During the migration, we ensured the pre-existing traffic of the blogs was safeguarded before rolling out changes.
  2. The UX/UI team’s design of additional blog features, such as contests, quizzes, and downloadable PDFs, combined with their implementation by web developers, has not only improved conversion rates but also boosted user engagement on the blogs.
  3. With the launch of the revamped blog module, the process of publishing articles across various regions is now twice as fast. Additionally, the page speed metrics have seen noticeable improvements.
Page speed improvement - results before implementing changes.
Page speed improvement - current results after the changes have been implemented.

Project Implementation – Bringing Strategy to Life

Coordinating the SEO team’s workflow with web development and UX/UI specialists was streamlined through weekly sprints. This ensured calibrated activities and verified that tasks were aligned with the comprehensive SEO strategy.

The SEO team was responsible for:

  • Analyzing SEO competition across 15 regions,
  • Preparing the SEO structure of the site,
  • Setting up the baseline version of the site in Polish (PL),
  • Translating the site into 14 languages with the assistance of native speakers,
  • Drafting SEO metadata,
  • Crafting a content strategy,
  • Creating and implementing a redirection map to preserve traffic.


The UX/UI team handled:

  • User analysis of the older site versions using the Clarity tool,
  • Designing the lo-fi version,
  • Crafting the hi-fi version in alignment with the leading site’s visual identity,
  • Designing banners, pop-ups, quizzes, etc.,
  • Conducting A/B tests.


The Web Development team took charge of:

  • Deploying the hi-fi designs across the site for 15 regions,
  • Implementing automation and key functionalities,
  • Addressing the security concerns of the blogs.


Thanks to the synergy of our efforts, grounded in an SEO strategy and guidelines, we were able to transform the client’s old blog design into a new one – more appealing to users and better optimized for search engine algorithms.

The Ultimate Challenge – Aligning SEO, Web-Dev, and UX/UI Objectives

Our primary challenge was aligning the SEO team’s efforts with the work of web developers and UX/UI specialists.

At, we adopt a comprehensive approach for every project. With a client’s business objectives in mind, we quickly connect the dots and propose solutions, harnessing the potential of multiple marketing channels.

Our focus on enhancing technological skills using the latest AI automation techniques and an equal, collaborative approach to clients is just part of the success story. In both internal and external interactions, we prioritize a continuous flow of information, translating it into practical strategies that drive our clients’ growth.

Omnichannel collaboration in 10 steps

Consistent communication both internally among teams and externally with the client ensured a cohesive project execution. This was achieved through:

  • weekly internal calls,
  • weekly status calls with the client,
  • ongoing communication with the client on Slack,
  • communication on Google Chat with team members,
  • assigning tasks to team members on Asana.


The entire project was coordinated by a global Project Manager, ensuring each project phase followed the plan and regularly reporting the progress to the client, thereby relieving specialists focused on task execution.

Achieve Results Beyond Measure!

We know how to utilize technical skills in various areas and synchronize them to achieve measurable success. Collaborating with is a merging of forces in the fields of SEO, UX/UI, web development, and analytics, enabling the achievement of synergy effects and unlocking the full business potential during website development.

We have repeatedly assisted clients from different industries in effective scaling and expanding into new regions. If you want your business to achieve results like the client discussed in this case study, let’s talk! Together, we can turn vision into reality.

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Author: Wiktor Jacheć

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