SEO Consulting

Clear instructions on how to achieve the best results in the search engine.

SEO Consulting
Clear instructions on how to achieve the best results in the search engine.

SEO Consulting

Clear instructions on how to achieve the best results in the search engine.


What is SEO Consulting?

Tailored to your needs

As part of SEO consulting, we provide a flexible approach tailored to the current needs of your business.


You will receive clear and timely reports on the work performed, the support of experienced specialists and ongoing contact.

Tailored offer

We believe that each offer should be prepared taking into account a specific case, a given industry, client and his domain.

Is SEO Consulting For You?

The service is intended for anyone looking to improve their existing site’s visibility or conversion performance. If you are just starting to create a new website, as part of SEO Consulting, we will help you optimize it right from the very start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, because thanks to it you will get answers to the most important questions and achieve the intended goal. Consulting is a basic tool thanks to which we will be able to thoroughly analyze your website, plan activities and indicate the direction of their implementation.

Anyone who wants to improve their website’s visibility or sales performance. Are you at the stage of creating a new website? Great! We will help you from the very beginning. Thanks to this, you will start your activities from a properly optimized website. If your domain is already several years old – you don’t have to worry. In such a situation, consulting is also most helpful. If you’re concerned about the drop in traffic, you’ve noticed that your sales have deteriorated, or maybe it’s time to make a difference – we’re here to help. Even if you do not want to change the entire domain, but only one subpage and you want to position it properly, our actions will surely help you.

We believe that any good cooperation is based mainly on communication. Therefore, we focus on being in constant contact with our clients.

What does the consulting procedure itself look like?

  • Meeting with the client – we can conduct a conversation with the help of the communicator or have it face to face. This moment is often crucial, because we determine what your needs are and what you expect from us. We will advise you whether SEO consulting will be a sufficient service.
  • Preparation of the analysis – the next step is the work of a specialist. We look at the website, analyze the competition, prepare guidelines for technical and content aspects, and search for keywords. The scope of works depends on the client’s needs and budget.
  • Presentation of the results – when the analysis is ready, we deliver it to our clients. In case of any doubts, we always help and explain inaccuracies.
    Implementation – although it is not within the scope of consulting, we can deal with the implementation of changes. In such a situation, we suggest switching to an SEO subscription.

The price is not always the same. To do our work properly and to a satisfactory extent, we always take into account:

  • Site size, how many subpages it has.
  • Is it a regular domain or from the e-commerce industry.
  • The number and complexity of the aspects to be analyzed.
  • The time we spend on analysis.
  • Industry competitiveness.
  • Technical aspects.
  • Competitiveness of phrases.
  • Link profile.

As a team that comprehensively deals with e-marketing projects, we want to provide our clients with the highest level of technical and communication service.

Working with us you get:

  • Ongoing contact and answers to questions that arise during cooperation.
  • Flexible approach to strategy and solutions that meet the current needs of your business.
  • OFF-Site specialists who will be responsible for building the credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines.
  • ON-Site specialist, who is responsible for coordinating and implementing the necessary changes to the website.
  • An experienced copywriter who will help you prepare content guidelines.
  • Reports from advanced analytical tools.
  • Timely, legible and factual report on the work and expenses performed in the month.

First of all, the form – an audit is a document, usually prepared as a document. This is a one-time action to analyze the page. SEO consulting is much more flexible, fully tailored to the client and his needs. It is also usually shorter than an audit because it does not require such a comprehensive and detailed approach. It does not end after presenting the document.

A good proposition is a combination of consulting and auditing. Thanks to this, we get a full picture of what the page contains, whether there are any errors, what should be changed, what phrases to pay attention to, etc.

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We will help you achieve the best results in the search engine!

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