SEO for websites​

Increase the search engine visibility of your services 

SEO for websites​

Increase the search engine visibility of your services. 

SEO for Websites
Increasing the visibility of your products in the search engine.

What is an SEO subscription?

SEO for websites allows you to increase the visibility of your website in Google searches. Thanks to the right positioning for all valuable key phrases, we constantly develop the website with new content, subpages and blog entries. We precisely respond to user expectations and generate traffic on your website.

SEO on site

We conduct comprehensive website optimization in terms of Google requirements.

SEO off site

We perform ongoing technical, content and offsite optimization.


We also actively conduct SEO training and consultations for our clients.

What does the SEO subscription look like?

Keyword Research

Performed to identify the keywords that best match. Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of effective SEO activities.

We conduct keyword research in two stages:
– We create general keyword research and divide them based on user path stage.
– We match keywords to a given subpage by creating a matrix of keywords.

seo matrix for websites
seo audit for websites 2

Site audit

In-depth knowledge of the industry, identification of competition, tracking down incorrect elements of the website and creating a strategy for the development of website visibility.

A website audit can take various forms: technical website audit, content audit and website quality audit are the elements that will allow us to get to know your website and decide what actions are necessary to increase traffic on your website.

Your website's development strategy

High positions are gained thanks to precise, patient and constant actions. Often these are repetitive monthly activities that result in increased traffic in the long run.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we create what we call a “SEO Roadmap” – i.e. an action plan and a development strategy for your website.

seo audit fot websites
services consulting


The service is intended for all companies that have their own website or blog. Anyone whose goal is to increase their profits can achieve real benefits from SEO services for websites.

SEO raporting


  • Activities performed report,
  • Planned activities report,
  • Site statistics,
  • Position report,
  • Link Building,
  • Impact of actions on traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each page is priced individually, it is caused by the personalization of our services for our clients. The valuation is performed personally by an experienced SEO specialist (we do not do it automatically!). From the very beginning, it guarantees a high-quality strategy that will potentially help you develop your website.

We often come across questions about the time it takes for work based on an SEO subscription to bring real results. It depends on many factors, but we always try to assume two scenarios when evaluating SEO.

Higher SEO subscription that gives you the prospect of achieving results after 6 months. During this time, the website is properly optimized and its link profile is regularly developed.

The lower SEO subscription gives the prospect of achieving results after 12 months.

When preparing the valuation, we always try to provide information on the costs of the project in the two above-mentioned variants.

The scope of work, which is carried out on the basis of an SEO subscription, ultimately depends on the needs of a given project and each time should be based on a free SEO consultation on the line of SEO specialist – end customer. An example of the scope of work that is carried out as part of the SEO subscription is:

  • Ongoing analysis of the website optimization status,
  • Creating detailed guidelines for changes to the website,
  • Implementing changes to the website,
  • Developing and optimizing content on the website,
  • Analysis and ongoing monitoring of the link profile,
  • Developing and nurturing the link profile by creating unique content on external portals,
  • Implementation of high-quality NAP business cards,
  • Optimizing your Google My Business listing
  • Current website update for the latest Google algorithm updates
  • Phrase monitoring

SEO subscription is one of the most popular billing models in cooperation with an agency. Its size should be properly estimated by an experienced SEO specialist. The final amount of SEO subscription consists of several factors, directly related to:

  • Size of the positioned page (number of subpages, its complexity, type of content management system),
  • The current level of optimization of the positioned page,
  • The current quality of the link profile (most often compared with the link profile of close competitors),
  • The competitiveness of the industry.

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