We are an SEO Agency focused on results​
Meet our team and find out how we operate.
Together with us, gain the highest positions and achieve measurable goals!
We are an SEO Agency focused on results​

Meet our team and find out how we operate. Together with us, gain the highest positions and achieve measurable goals!

We are an SEO Agency focused on results​

Meet our team and find out how we operate.

Together with us, gain the highest positions and achieve measurable goals!

Who we are?

Our crew

Wiktor Jacheć – Head of SEO

Mateusz Ochocki – SEO Specialist

Kamil Kijewski – SEO Project Manager

Wojtek Kmita – Co-Founder & SEO Expert

Klaudia Malesińska – SEO Content & PM

Herbert Sałustowicz – SEO Specialist & PM

Patryk Nowak – SEO Specialist & PM

Mateusz Szajkowski – SEO Expert & PM

Karol Pięknik – SEO Expert & PM

Daria Shvetc – SEO Specialist & PM


We follow a couple of rules

anchor.team was created with a vision of partnerships and positive relations with clients. What distinguishes us in the SEO industry is our honest, sincere and completely transparent approach to action.

We follow the rules that apply to all team members. Our internal code helps us work better and be more productive.

Each project team reports the results directly to the client or partner. We also determine the method of communication using a tool of your choosing: e.g. Skype, Slack, Hangouts, Google Chat, etc.

The minimum number of people in the project team is 2 –  A project manager and a specialist.

The project manager is a dedicated contact person, responsible for customer relations and the budget used. The specialist is responsible for all technical aspects of the project.

We are a financially transparent team and share 80% of profits and costs among its members! This keeps everyone involved in the project they are part of.

The result of working in the Performance Teams team is extremely motivating our team to deliver the best results possible.

We work with our partners in full transparency regarding the time spent on the project.

We know that everything changes fast in digital marketing and information is your most valuable asset. In order to keep up to date and expand our knowledge, we learn and help each other, we run weekly workshops.

We are part of the MTA GROUP

mta logo

Specialists from this team mainly deal with broadly understood digital marketing. They support Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Programmatic, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing ... If you want to meet your goals related to online paid activities - make sure to contact them!

logo anchor team 3

So we! We deal with broadly understood SEO. Thanks to cooperation with other teams, we look at positioning issues from different angles. We are open to innovation, and in our work we value flexibility and good contact with the client. Contact us - we will help you achieve higher positions and better visibility!

metrics agency logo

Do you know how important the right analyst is? The specs of metrics.agency know! In addition, they are experts in the fields of CRO and UX. Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager have no secrets from them. Believe us - their services are invaluable! We and the rest of the MTA Group work with them. Remember - without good analytics, you can't move!

quality score logo

Specialists whose knowledge is at the highest level. They support in-house, conduct training and consulting and help to solve problems that no one else will solve. If you need a large dose of knowledge and unconventional solutions, going beyond one area of digital - this is your choice!

wp partner logo

The development team will not only help you fix errors on your website - these magicians will create it from scratch! Thanks to their knowledge and skills, more than once or twice, we managed to fix the "unrepairable". No CMS can hide anything from them.

flow digital logo

The younger sister to the other teams. Their task is to gather the knowledge of the best specialists from other teams and turn them into online courses. Thanks to them, our resources will be used in the best possible way - so that next generations of fans and digital specialists can develop!

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