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Time for a bit of information from our organizational ‘backyard’. We are a team that does not want to settle for basic ways of working. Nowadays, we focus on creating our own SEO tools that speed up our actions and make them more effective in terms of building website visibility. Find out more about their purpose and impact on the quality of our work.

Why have we decided to create our own tools?

Our approach is not based on abandoning commercial solutions available on the market. We use many of them, are willing to test new ones, and implement those we find most useful. However, with time this was not enough, so the only solution was to try to create our own projects.

In the beginning, these activities were treated as a curiosity and an attempt to test our strength. Gradually, we gained more experience with our own tools and started to notice how important they became in the context of the functioning of our SEO projects. From the current perspective, we can successfully point out the most important advantages of creating our own tools.

These include:

  • Creating solutions that are currently lacking on the market or are not adapted to our requirements
  • Reducing the time needed to perform some of the tasks that are part of the visibility building process
  • Increasing the overall efficiency in relation to task execution
  • Possibility of collecting and grouping data in one place (SEO Matrix)
  • Increased competitiveness on the market of SEO services
  • Building an expert image supported by real solutions to problems
  • Free-of-charge access to tools for partners allowing them to better monitor the work
  • No need to pay subscription fees for some external tools that we can resign from
  • Development of members in terms of designing and finding effective solutions
  • Possibility of gradual expansion of independently developed tools
  • A chance to develop a given tool to the level of a product ready to be sold externally

These are definitely worthy of attention and that is why we create our solutions around them. Apart from general benefits, it is also worth pointing out specific advantages of a given tool. We will present these later in this article along with a brief description of each tool.

The most important SEO tools created by the

SEO Matrix

Purpose: Collecting technical data of a website, creating recommendations, visualizing the structure

SEO Matrix is one of the first tools we constructed. It now works almost automatically after the data has been properly combined beforehand. It meets our needs in terms of presenting the most important information related to SEO for all subpages assigned to the website.

Keyword research results in one place

Thanks to this, the key data of the website are contained in one place, and if there is a need for changes, we can also place their recommendations. Thanks to this tool, our partner can continuously monitor the stage of work and implement the proposed metadata, H1 headings, or new keywords.

The matrix continuously verifies CWV results and linking status for individual subpages

SEO Performance Dashboard

Purpose: Summary of visibility results for all keywords assigned to a site

A relatively simple tool, gathering all data related to the visibility of a website, updated monthly. The tool is divided into a general view for all phrases and subpages assigned to them, as well as other views (e.g. blog entries or categories). 

Thanks to this tool we can verify the results in an easy and transparent way, thus speeding up reporting (we use one, not several tools). Our partners also have access to this tool and can freely check the current status of the website visibility.

New Keyword Gap Analysis / Content Gap

Purpose: Searching for opportunities to acquire new keywords, verifying competitors’ search engine positions

The first of our tools go into more depth on the subject of content in SEO. With the help of data taken from external tools, New Keyword Gap Analysis makes it possible to verify which keyword phrases are undeveloped or in distant positions on a given page, and which are worth pursuing.

Additionally, a key element is the comparison of these keywords with the results of competitors in the industry. This allows you to show your partner that specific actions are needed in these areas in order to improve the position of your site. Typically, the Content Gap is combined with blog post recommendations based on selected keywords.

Recommendations of blog posts for selected keywords

Technical SEO Audit

Purpose: Auditing sites faster while maintaining quality performance

Audits can be a really time-consuming process, especially if you want to verify a site for every ranking factor. That’s why, after hours of planning, we designed a tool that sped up the audit creation by almost three times (!) and at the same time it did not become a reason to lose the quality of actions in a given project.

Some of the activities are carried out through connections with external tools so that the verification takes place automatically and the data via response templates goes into the audit. Some of the sub-activities can be performed only manually, but they are a minor part of the whole process. Audit independently evaluates the status (on a scale of 1-10) and the priority of specific actions.

In addition, the audit can be used as part of the planning of the positioning process. In one of the tabs, there is the so-called Planner, where tasks marked by us by months are put into one place. Thanks to this our partner have free access to our action plan and can verify it at any time. 

Equally interesting is the Quick Wins tab, where the highest priority and currently lowest quality factors are collected. Their improvement may significantly influence better results of a given website, so it is worth choosing tasks using this option available in the tool.

Checking individual ranking factors from the audit, on the other hand, is facilitated by the Checker, where we can select from a list the one we are interested in at a given moment and check it. This avoids the need to scroll through the entire audit in search of a specific part.

Part of the list of verifiable factors


We have a few more interesting tool projects in the pipeline and in production (including a tool indicating keywords with the greatest potential), which will probably support us in our work soon. However, we carry out the creation process at our own pace in order to take care of the tool’s operation and refine it as much as possible. Therefore, for the first months, new tools undergo a period of beta testing, where they are supported by more “traditional” activities.

We believe that the direction we have taken is the right one and we have real evidence of this. This is why we intend to continue to develop on the level of internal tools. Do you like the vision of working with specialists who create their own solutions rather than blindly following the rest of the industry? Then feel free to contact us and arrange a meeting with one of our SEO experts!

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Author: Wiktor Jacheć

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