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What do you think of when you hear the words “SEO agency”? Long-term cooperation, full of understatements, and the ultimate lack of expected results? Treating SEO as top secret knowledge which you don’t have access to? If so, we have just the right solution for you!

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What makes us stand out

Real partnership relations

Mutual respect and full understanding allow us to achieve specific goals. When working on your project, we focus our communication on personal contact, as well as providing updates in a convenient form of video materials and dashboards showing our KPIs. You can also check the status of our tasks on an ongoing basis.


We have always been a group of specialists who value complete honesty, whether in internal relations, or in the approach to the client. Each task is discussed with the partner, and if there are any questions about their execution, we do not hide our know-how. Customer awareness is definitely the key issue for us.

Temporary projects focused on the result

Based on the analysis of website data, we define the scope of work and the time required for its implementation. This allows us to rationally determine when we will achieve the expected results. Together, we plan out the schedule of activities – realistically suited to your marketing budget.

Original tools

Although there is no one perfect tool, we try to strive for perfection by creating our own solutions. Among others, we created SEO Matrix, which visualizes the website structure, Performance Dashboard showing the results of visibility, and Technical SEO Audit, which is a platform for auditing websites, and their technical evaluation. Such tools accelerate our work, and increase the real value of the tasks you entrust to us.

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“ achieves the client’s goals. Website migration went smoothly and none of the ranking positions were lost in the process. They introduced adjustments and suggestions aligned with migration phases. In addition to migration, the improved metadata on the website, implemented keywords and perfected internal linking.”

“By adjusting their strategies, the was consistently helping us in achieving the goals we set to improve our visibility on Google. The team is cooperative and communicates with us on a regular basis to meet our expectations better.”

“The traffic on the website has doubled, and some of the keywords now appear on first-page results on Google. Unique category and product descriptions are also a success. What helps this partnership be this successful is regular communication and recordkeeping.”

Real results of our work

Almost double increase in organic traffic

The problem with the appropriate structure of the online store and building it almost anew was a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, thanks to the rational approach based also on technical corrections of the website, qualitative content and diversified linking, we were able to achieve success. Find out more details of this fruitful cooperation!

Website migration without losing results? No problem!

The migration itself is associated with precise preparations and close coordination of the work of specialists. As experts, we know that such issues should be approached with full responsibility and awareness of the impact of migration on the current results. Learn about the results obtained in relation to a correctly performed website migration!

bad website migration results

Bet on our approach to positioning

We are not only aware of our advantages, but also of how the SEO industry can fail to meet customer’s expectations. We simply fulfill them. See for yourself by arranging a meeting with our experts and sail with the through the turbulent waters of Google search engines, right into the top positions!

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