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SEO Audit

Factual analysis of your website in order to extract the SEO potential.

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SEO Audit

Factual analysis of your website in order to extract the SEO potential.

SEO Audit

Factual analysis of your website in order to extract the SEO potential.

What is an SEO audit?

Technical Audit of the Website

An SEO audit is nothing more than a thorough website check taking into account all the factors taken into account by Google robots.

We analyze each element influencing positioning, then we prioritize tasks according to their impact on positioning and the degree of difficulty implementation. The whole thing gives us a list of elements that we can improve in order to achieve better results and gain more traffic on the website.


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Presentation of the results in the form of a readable report

We collect all the results from the Technical Audit of your website in the form of a presentation – a report in which both you and your team become familiar with the results.

The report contains what should be improved on the website in order to achieve the best results possible.

Transferring tasks from the report to the management system

The end result of the audit is the transfer of all tasks to the task management system so that your team (e.g. developers) can efficiently implement the necessary elements. 

We usually use Asana and Trello here, but we are also able to adapt to the task management system your team uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is intended for every website and every online store. An SEO audit is worth doing both when you are just starting to position your website and when you want to verify your current activities in this area.

An SEO audit performed by specialists from anchor.team is a structured set of comprehensive guidelines, thanks to which you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your website in a clear and transparent way. Thanks to the multifaceted SEO audit, which we carry out based on the processes developed over the years, we will analyze your website together and present solutions in line with your business goals.

An SEO audit performed with the help of our advanced processes and tools will allow you to easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website. While we do an in-depth analysis of technical aspects related to SEO and prepare a transparent report, you can safely sip your coffee and devote yourself to other issues related to the development of your business.

SEO subscription is one of the most popular billing models in cooperation with an agency. Its size should be properly estimated by an experienced SEO specialist. The final amount of SEO subscription consists of several factors, directly related to:

  • Size of the positioned page (number of subpages, its complexity, type of content management system),
  • The current level of optimization of the positioned page,
  • The current quality of the link profile (most often compared with the link profile of close competitors),
  • The competitiveness of the industry.

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